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Supporting Israel

Everything comes together in Israel—our Christian faith, our Judeo-Christian values, our history and heritage, the past, present, and future—everything revolves around Israel. This small country is no bigger than the state of New Jersey, but it is always at the center of attention. From biblical history and prophecy to geopolitical issues, Israel occupies a unique place in history.

The fact that Israel even exists today is a miracle. In 1948 the modern state of Israel arose out of the smoldering furnaces of Nazi Germany. The ancient cities, the Hebrew language, and the Jewish people who were scattered throughout the world continue to exist against all odds. The Pharaohs of Egypt, the Kings of Babylon or Persia, the maniacal Roman Emperors, nor the brutal Nazi tyrants were able to extinguish Israel or the Jewish people. Not only have Israel and the Jewish people survived while these other regimes became extinct, but today Israel has become one of the world’s most innovative countries in the areas of business and technology. Much of our modern technology that we rely upon daily was invented in Israel.

It is important that we support Israel. The Bible has much to say about how Israel occupies a unique place in God’s economy. In addition to what the Bible says, Israel is our greatest ally in the Middle East. Israel is the only place in the Middle East where religious liberty and democracy flourish. Our Western culture, law, policies, and Judeo-Christian values are rooted in Israel. Indeed, our Christian faith is rooted in Israel and the Jewish culture. Jesus was born in Jewish flesh, and the Bible was written predominately by Jews.

There is no place on earth like Israel. We are honored to provide you the opportunity to learn about Israel, to discover the wonders of this land and the people, and to deepen your understanding of the Bible and God’s plan for you.