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Omar Helps Hamas-Linked Groups

It's outrageous that Rep. Ilhan Omar dismissed 9/11 as an incident in which "some people did something." That's stunning -- and she didn't bother to apologize. But it gets worse. She made that flippant reference while speaking to a group linked to the terrorist organization Hamas. Omar -- a member of the House Foreign Affair Committee -- also spoke in February to yet another terror-linked group.

One more thing. It turns out she has also been an apologist for I explain below.

All reasons Speaker Pelosi must IMMEDIATELY remove Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. And why I'm asking you to sign our "Remove Her Now" petition today. To sign, simply CLICK HERE NOW. Thank you! See my prior message below... --Mat


Rep. Ilhan Omar scandalized Americans last week with her flip "some people did something" reference to 9/11. But this makes it all the worse. She made those remarks at a fundraiser for the Counsil on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) -- a media savvy group linked to Hamas, the terror organization working to destroy Israel.

And there's another terror-linked group for which Omar has also raised funds. In February, she headlined a fundraiser for Islamic Relief USA, a group tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and to Hamas.

Both Israel and the United Arab Emirates have banned Islamic Relief Worlwide -- the parent of Islamic Relief USA -- because it funds terror. "The IRW [Islamic Relief Worldwide] is one of the sources of Hamas's funding," then-Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said in 2014.

If you find all this hard to believe, so do I...but it's true! A sitting House member -- someone with access to sensitive intelligence as a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee -- aids and abets Islamic groups with unsavory ties to terror.

Will you take a minute right now to sign the "Remove Her Now!" petition calling on Speaker Pelosi to IMMEDIATELY unseat Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee?

+  +  Apologist for terror

Omar's links to terror-tainted groups should be all Speaker Pelosi needs to eject her from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. But there's more...the Muslim from Minnesota is also an apologist for terror.

After brutal al Shabaab terrorists tortured and killed some 70 people in a horrific 2013 Kenyan shopping mall attack, Omar pointed the finger at America. The terror group dismembered hostages, gouged out eyes, castrated men, and hung victims from the ceiling.

But all that unspeakable carnage, Omar said, was a "byproduct...of our involvement in other people's affairs." In other words, America shares the blame.

And if you want to know what Omar really thinks about America, consider this just-surfaced tweet from 2016: "We must confront that our nation was founded by genocide and we maintain global power through neocolonialism."

Omar may be soft on terror but she sure is harsh toward America. And she's a fierce critic of Israel. She denounced its "evil doings" on Twitter in 2012. And she defamed America's closest ally last year, calling it an "apartheid regime."

She scoffs at the notion that Israel is a democracy. "I almost chuckle" at the idea, she told an interviewer.

News flash to Rep. Omar: Israel is the one nation in the Middle East where Jews, Arabs, and Christians enjoy equal rights under law. And it's the one place where religious liberty is upheld for all.

Israel is an island of freedom in an ocean of Middle East despots and dictators who trample the freedoms you and I hold dear. And yet it's the one nation which Omar repeatedly attacks. Her double standard is textbook anti-Semitism.

That's why I'm asking you to join me in demanding, once more, that Speaker Nancy Pelosi immediately remove Omar from this powerful House panel.

Please join thousands of others by signing CIDI's "Remove Her Now!" petition to Speaker Pelosi.

And as you sign, I ask you to prayerfully consider a gift to help Christians in Defense of Israel fight for Israel. In thanks for your gift, I want to send you an eye-opening publication on CAIR, the terror-tied group Omar addressed just last month.

Packed with well-documented and damning information, CAIR: Lobbying for Islam, Linked to Terror shows why CAIR poses a real danger to our constitutional republic. It's our gift in thanks for your support.

Please respond immediately by signing the "Remove Her Now!" petition and be as generous as possible!

Thank you for your friendship and your commitment to stand with us as we fight for Israel on Capitol Hill and across America!

With great thanks,

Mat Staver

P.S. You and I must not be silent when an open anti-Semite sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Sign the "Remove Her Now!" petition right away! And please prayerfully consider a much-needed gift to advance everything Christians in Defense of Israel does to bless the Jewish people and the Jewish state. Thank you!